Photo by Laurence Kubski / ECAL

Photo by Laurence Kubski / ECAL



He was born in Japan, spent the high school life in Singapore. He has started to act freelance design from the bachelor student. He has worked as a designer and a new business planner at the electronics company. Then he has been graduated from the master course of product design at ECAL(Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne).

His studio is designing mainly around electrical products and proposing wide range of proposals, such as an installation and brandings.



埼玉県生まれ。高校生活をシンガポールで過ごす。 日本大学芸術学部在学中よりデザイン活動を始める。電気メーカーにてデザイナー、新規事業プランナーとして努め退社。 その後ECAL(スイス州立ローザンヌ美術大学)マスター・オブ・プロダクトデザインを卒業。